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I U 7 Federal Credit Union is located in New Kensington, PA. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced financial staff promise to offer our members the absolute best services and plans tailored to their specific needs.


Our credit union offers a complete line of loans to help you in your time of need. In the unfortunate case that you become disabled by any number of reasons, the credit disability insurance will make your loan payments up to the policy maximum.

Compliance #: B2BL-0609-685F

Savings & Investments

I U 7 Federal Credit Union can help our members with investments ranging from 6 months all the way to a 60 month investment plan. Each one of our ranged savings plans requires a $500 minimum from our members. Your savings are federally insured up to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United
States Government.  

Member Services

Members of I U 7 Federal Credit Union are offered specific services available to only those involved with our credit union. These services range from accounts to insurance and more.

Member Offered Services:

  • Auto Loans
  • CD/IRA Accounts
  • Christmas Club
  • Credit Disability Insurance
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • CUNA Member Connect Program
  • Gap Insurance

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Personal Loans
  • Savings Accounts
  • Share Secured Loans
  • Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan
  • VISA Credit Card Loans

Rates & Fees

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Credit Check
IRA Yearly Maintenance
IRA Start Up Fee
NSF Check Fee
Stop Payment Fee
Drive-By Appraisal
URAR Appraisal
Inactive Account Monthly Fee

Savings Rates


Savings & Investments:  apy represents annual percentage yield

6 month cd1.55% apy$500 minimum
12 month cd1.80% apy$500 minimum
18 month cd1.90% apy$500 minimum
24 month cd2.25% apy$500 minimum
36 month cd2.45% apy$500 minimum
48 month cd2.55% apy$500 minimum
60 month cd2.70% apy$500 minimum
Regular Share Account0.30% apypaid quarterly
Xmas Club Account0.10% apypaid in October

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Loan Rates    apr represents annual percentage rate

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College Scholarship Award

Any High School Senior planning to attend a college or institution of higher learning, or anyone who is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at a college or institution of higher learning, may apply for the Annual IU 7 Federal Credit Union Scholarships. THE NEXT APPLICATION WILL BE AVAILABLE IN JANUARY OF 2018

All applicants must be a member of the IU 7 Federal Credit Union. Students interested in obtaining information about the IU 7 Scholarship can call the credit union office at 724-339-0635 or 800-540-0635. A packet with information and application will be sent out upon request.

Our Committee will prepare the new scholarship packet and it will be available in January of 2017. Call the office or stop in to pick up an application.

CD/IRA Accounts

Certificates of Deposits and IRA accounts from your Credit Union are an excellent investment opportunity if you do not need immediate access to your funds and want to invest for longer periods to obtain high rates of return. YOUR SAVINGS IS FEDERALLY INSURED TO AT LEAST $250,000 AND BACKED BY THE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal of CDs but not for IRA accounts.

Savings Accounts

Founded on the basic democratic premise of the cooperative movement, your Credit Union believes that access to low-cost financial services is critical to the health and stability of ordinary citizens. Credit union membership offers many benefits. Services offered range from simple savings to home equity loans to IRAs, Study after study has revealed that, on average, credit unions provide the best financial offerings with fewer fees, lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings. YOUR SAVINGS IS FEDERALLY INSURED TO AT LEAST$250,000 AND BACKED BY THE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, A minimum deposit of $50.00 must be maintained at all times to receive the declared annual percentage yield.

Credit Life Insurance

For a monthly fee added to your loan, credit life insurance pays the insured balance of your loan, up to the policy maximum of $40,000, in the event of your death. This ensures your family will not be left with your loan debt. Member's Choice Credit Life Insurance is underwritten by CUNA Mutual Insurance Society and not required to obtain a loan. Please contact your loan officer for additional information on your next visit.

Compliance # B2BL-0609-685F

Credit Disability Insurance

In the event you become totally disabled by sickness or an accident, credit disability insurance pays your loan payments up to the policy maximum of $650 per month. The premium for this service is added to your regular loan payments. Member's Choice Credit Disability Insurance is voluntary and not required to obtain a loan, Please contact your 1U 7 loan officer for additional information.

Compliance # B2BL-0609-685F

Gap Insurance

In the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss due to an accident or theft, your auto insurance policy usually covers the fair market or actual cash value of the vehicle. The amount you owe the lender or lease company, may be more than your insurance settlement. This difference or GAP, could cost you thousands of dollars.

Gap Helps Cover the Major Portion of the Difference and More....
IT Protects new, used and leased vehicles. Protects vehicles valued up to $100,000 Covers your insurance deductible up to $1000 Can pay up to two delinquent payments Waives losses up to $100,000

Protect Your Investment and Savings Help reduce your responsibility for any GAP deficiency by purchasing guaranteed auto protection from us. Call the credit auto protection from us. Call the credit union today for more details and cost.

Carfax Vehicle History Reports

Before you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, you will want to check its title history with a Carfax Vehicle History Report. Get a free "lemon" check or order a full report that can reveal if the odometer was rolled back or if the vehicle was salvaged, flood damaged, or had other brands on its title that could affect the price youpay or the vehicle's
reasle value.

Payroll Deduction

Take a portion of your paycheck and have it automatically deposited to your share account. Most members find payroll deduction the most convenient method of making loan payments.


With these user-friendly calculators, you can determine the best options for your financial well being. By entering different values, you can determine a "what if" scenario when a particular variable changes.

Insurance Fund

Since 1984, credit unions have fully funded their federal deposit insurance program on a pay-as- you-go basis. Each year, credit unions deposit sufficient funds to ensure that the fund's equity ratio is maintained at or above 1.2%. While the NCUSIF is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, the structure of the insurance fund ensures that only if all of the capital in the credit union movement were to be exhausted would taxpayer funds be spent on credit unions. Like other deposit insurance funds, your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Christmas Club

Our Christmas Club account is a great way to stash away money to help pay the Holiday bills. A modest 0.10% apy is paid on the funds in the account. The funds in the account are paid out in October. The funds in this account are Federally Insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. The standard share insurance amount of $250,000 per depositer is in effect. There is no minimum deposit required to earn the advertised annual percentage yield. Cat! the  office for more information.

VISA Credit Card Loans

Discover the convenience and worldwide acceptance of our credit card. With our low rate @ a fixed 12.75% APR and no annual fees, a credit card from your Credit Union is an ideal way to pay for purchases and travel expenses. Our card is for our members and we do not take advantage of you in any way, The APR stays fixed at the current rate and does not change unless the Board takes action to do so.

Auto Loans

We make your car buying experience a breeze! Finance your new or used car, truck or van at your Credit Union. We offer flexible financing terms and competitive rates. We will finance 100% for vehicles no older than 7 years. Some exceptions apply to the age of the vehicle.

Home Equity Loans

Your credit union offers home equity loans at competitive rates. Our processing is quick and our fees are low. Call us today to refinance your current mortgage or home equity loan or to get started on a new loan.

Personal Loans

Our personal loan is easy to apply for. The rate is competitive and you can complete the application in the comfort of your own home or the friendly surroundings of the credit union office. We are here to help make your financial goals easier to reach.

Share Secured Loans

The share secured loans are a great way to borrow money for any need. Use the money you have saved with the credit union to get a low rate on this type of loan. Check the rates in the loan section of our site or call the office.

CUNA Member Connect Program

The Member Connect Program is a direct-to member financial services program designed to complement our credit union goal to provide our members with high quality insurance products and to strengthen our relationship with our members. As a member you will benefit from the products offerrred such as a 10% discount on auto insurance and a 5% discount on homeowners. You will always have the option to opt out by contacting us or CUNA. Your personal information is kept confidential and is used only by CUNA to provide the services we ask them to offer.

Mission Statement

Our Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member owned financial organization. The purpose of our credit union is to improve the financial strength and stability of our members by affording them opportunities to achieve their financial goals. Providing service with integrity, efficiency and innovation is our greatest responsibility. Your Credit Union provides and promotes the use of a variety of financial services which feature particular benefits and advantages over those generally available from other banking sources, with the specific intent of helping members gain some particular measure of personal
financial success

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